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Serving homes and businesses across the area

Here at Dumfries Pest Control, we take pride in giving you the best possible service. With pest control this usually means fast and effective removal first and foremost, as well as competitive rates and a friendly approach. Whether you are looking for mole control or wasp nest removal in Dumfries, you can rely on our dependable team. 



What we cover

Rat sitting on rubbish in Dumfries


Brown and black rats are widespread across the UK, and if they find a reliable food source, they will breed rapidly. We offer a range of programs to help you deal with the problem.

Mouse in Dumfries


Mice can cause immense damage to wiring, woodwork, and containers storing food, as well as the food itself. We offer ongoing mice control programs.


Mole in garden in Dumfries


Moles can wreak havoc to a well-kept lawn, leaving unsightly mounds of earth everywhere, while being very difficult to deal with. We are here to help.

Wasp nest in Dumfries


If you have a wasp problem or if they are nesting in your home or garden, our helpful team covers all aspects of wasp nest removal in Dumfries.


Bee hive removal in Dumfries


If you need assistance dealing with a bees' nest, we have a number of options, including contacts with local beekeepers, available to you.

Ants in house in Dumfries


These can be the bane of a kitchen, both commercial and domestic. We have a range of insecticide options that help eradicate the problem quickly and permanently.


Group of pigeons in Dumfries


While most birds are protected, some bird species are classed as pests, and we can help you deter and remove pigeons, for example, from your property.

Moth on clothing close up


Moths can be irritating and highly damaging to clothing and fabrics. We can help you deal with moths and many other flying insects.


House fly close up


From bluebottles to fruit flies, these can be incredibly annoying, and damaging to the experience of a business, such as a restaurant too.


Flea close up on carpet


Whether a pet has brought in fleas, or you have inherited the problem from a previous tenant or owner, we can help you deal with fleas and other insects.


Pest control for all situations

We can also help take care of bedbugs, silverfish, spiders, squirrels, or any other pest, we can help control or advise as necessary.

We are specialists in pest control in Dumfries and the surrounding areas, and are happy to help with almost any problem.


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Pest Control For Home And Business

We cover pest control for all aspects of a home and domestic setting, including gardens, roof spaces, basements, and conservatories, and we also carry out pest control for holiday homes and chalets. Alongside this we also provide a comprehensive pest control service for pubs, restaurants, food establishments, retail outlets, and more. If your business needs to take care of its pests, we provide a fast and effective service.

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