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Helping control pests in South West Scotland for 30 years

Dumfries Pest Control began as specialist mole catchers, and diversified into rodent control in Dumfries shortly after. More recently we have been called upon to deal with a range of other pests, and now serve the area for all aspects of this, including wasp nest removal, and a range of insect and rodent problems. We are fully insured and certified, well equipped, and always provide a fast and friendly service. 





How It Works

1. Get in touch 

Whether you have spotted a wasps' nest, or you require rodent control in Dumfries, your first step is to contact us.

2. Survey 

We will inspect the problem and talk you through how we will address it, so you know exactly what will happen.

3. Quote 

Once you are happy with the proposed work, we will give you a quote, with no obligation.

4. Get to work 

On acceptance of the quote, if we are still on-site we will get to work right away, or arrange an appointment if not.



With straightforward work, if you send images or an accurate description, we can come straight to you on the same day, and carry out the work quickly and effectively. If in doubt give us a call!

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Mouse hiding in wall



Often, the tell-tale signs of rodents become apparent only during night time, or when you spot the havoc they wreak. Whether you're troubled by the sound of scurrying in your attic or have come across droppings, gnaw marks, or holes, we're here to provide assistance. Our comprehensive programs address rats, mice, and moles, aiming to effectively manage and eliminate the issue, leaving your home, garden, or business free from rodent nuisances.

Pest Control Services

Cockroach on sponge in sink



If your property finds itself besieged by an insect infestation, you can count on us for assistance. Our services encompass many solutions for pest control in Dumfries, including wasp nest removal, cockroach extermination, and the treatment of fleas, bedbugs, flies, and moths.

Whether you require discreet pest control in a food-related setting or need to eliminate a wasp nest from your residence, our team is ready to lend a hand.

Pest Control Services